Pixel Art Galleries

Characters from hit podcast "Eidolon Playtest"

Last update: March 12 2021

A series of alternate evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon in the style of the Gen 3 Pokemon games.

Last update: January 30 2021

A repository for commissions i completed.

Last update: January 23 2021

A gallery of pieces that don't quite fit in other galleries

Last update: November 2 2020

Various original characters from a setting I toy with. Essentially fake game characters.

Last update: October 29 2020

A few pieces inspired by the Supergiant Games classic, Hades.

Last update: October 4 2020

A favorite of mine. Many pieces inspired by the hit cartoon.

Last update: August 16 2020

Starting to make sprites of the major players from this hit video game

Last update: June 7 2020

Some original content for a planned Visual Novel.

Last update: May 24 2020

The Monsters from "Monster Hunter World" but drawn for a Game Boy Color palette

Last update: April 16 2020

Friends of mine in boss sprite form.

Last update: November 23 2019

Sprite for the one MOBA I enjoy.

Last update: September 15 2019

I make Final Fantasy-style battle scenes for things that are not Final Fantasy

Last update: May 5 2019

I make posters for games that i enjoy

Last update: February 27 2019

Sprites from the hit pixel art game series!

Last update: November 12 2018

Sprites of weapons i'd smooch.

Last update: September 4 2018

Sprites of UA Students and more!

Last update: July 18 2018

Sprites of my favorite people who WATCH OVER the planet.

Last update: November 16 2016

Sprites of the best Dungeoneering corporation.

Last update: May 2 2015

Pieces i've done based on a now-defunct twitter challenge.

Last update: January 31 2015

Sprites based on the hit video game, League of Legends.

Last update: January 24 2015

Sprites based on the hit manga about pirates.

Last update: November 8 2014

Sprites based on the hit video game series about a bazillion guns

Last update: October 26 2014

Sprites based on the hit video game about time travel

Last update: October 18 2014

Sprites based on the hit video game series about fantasy

Last update: September 28 2014