Digital Art Galleries

Drawings of my Self-OC! AKA Twittersona AKA Avatar character.

Last update: June 13th 2021

Drawings i did for friends as gifts.

Last update: November 3rd 2021

Various Doodles I made.

Last update: january 7th 2022

Eidolon Fanart

Miscelaneous fanart of the characters from Eidolon Playtest

Last update: January 7th 2022

Major Arcana representing the characters from Eidolon Playtest

Last update: August 27th 2021

Background art and landscapes

Last update: October 14th 2021

Drawings of various denizens of Ark City. (Original setting)

Last update: August 20th 2021

Drawings of characters from All My Hexes Live in Texas, a vaguely planned Visual Novel concept

Last update: June 17th 2021

People in my circle of friends as Fantasy characters

Last Update: June 10th 2021

Drawings of animals and pets

Last update: June 5th 2021