Ark City Wizards

Boris Nunez

Power: I can turn solid rock into any metal

Bio: Boris comes from a long family of miners, and in his family, rocks have no secret. Boris’ specialty lies in refining the rock into metal. He doesn’t use it in his everyday life much, however, as he works as an accountant. That said, his rock cane has seen quite a bit of action. Did you know that Tungsten is dense enough to really crack a skull? Quite useful when you need to stop a mugger. In his spare time, he enjoys turning small concrete flowers into blooming bismuth arrangements.

August 20th 2021

Sam Rosario

Power: Through the use of a tarot deck I can change the flow of time

Bio: Sam is a penny mystic. In a world where the future can be predicted fairly well by so many people, tarot reading becomes more about the present. Sam has a good gig going, as he can predict the present fairly well. What fewer people know is that Sam can also alter the flow of time, something he took a lot of effort to hide. It’s easy to imagine, however, how useful it can be to speed or or slow down time in advance. As such, Sam is very good at retrieving guarded things or relieving rich clients of some of their valuables.

December 31st 2021