Eidolon Playtest Fanart

Eidolon Pop

Group shot of the Eidolon Pop characters at the start of Season 1.

"Ursula" Ursa "Bear"

A Bear-shade from the Undertow. Her Eidolon 『Revolution Lover』 can turn into any weapon to hurt or heal her targets

Prof. Quentin Brooks

An eccentric professor with a heavy past. His Eidolon 『Speakerboxxx / The Love Below』 has the power to turn sound into strings.

Alexis "Lore" Lorentzen

An investigator who smells something wrong at Joseph University of North Gibsonburg. Her Eidolon 『Vivid Memories Turn to Fantasies』 can bring back anything from a photograph.

Sloane Parker

A troubled young woman with a hot streak. Her Eidolon 『Start A Riot』 can burn anything in her path.

James Studebaker

A Student looking for a cause. His Eidolon 『Time After Time』 can discern the truth of any pattern.

Ursa - Human Forme

Ursa - Bear Forme

Revolution Lover

Quentin - Speakerboxxx sealed

Quentin - Unsealed

Speakerboxxx / The Love Below


Vivi - Sealed

Vivid Memories Turn To Fantasies

Sloane - Riot Sealed

Sloane - Unsealed

Start A Riot


Time After Time

Eidolon Rock

Group shot of the Eidolon Rock characters at the start of Season 1.

Chili the Fox

A normal, run of the mill Fox that Chris adopted. Her Eidolon 『Little Lies』 can convince people of things they want to be true.

Chris Masters

A Hacker with a taste for urban exploration, and a big fan of the Sega PSP. His Eidolon 『Ironspy』 can merge into metal and generate electric bolts.

Harvey D. Godlove

The Pinball Prince of Las Vegas, Harvey is an enthusiastic and ever-optimistic guy who may seem out of place within a hardened gang. His Eidolon 『Here It Goes Again』 takes the form of a pinball he can control with ease.

Virginia Valentine

A former Casino Dealer with a nondescript past. Her Eidolon 『Only the Good Die Young』 can take nearly any form and power, but Virginia control is not total.

Chili the Fox

Little Lies

Chris Masters


Harvey D. Godlove

Here It Goes Again

Harvey D. Godlove

Virginia Valentine

Only the Good Die Young